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Triton Space Unveils Five New Products!

Triton Admin

Triton Space Technologies is pleased to announce the unveiling of our first series of products, intended for use in the emerging field of New Space development. These products are high flow-rate, high pressure valves, and reliable low cost pyrotechnic initiators. These systems are essential to the success of both rockets and satellites in the emerging markets of low cost satellite launchers, sounding rockets, and small satellites. Our products will afford a low cost, reliable alternative to current options and, we hope, help to overcome the lack of reliable, cost effective options that is one of the stumbling blocks to widespread innovation in the New Space field.

The first new product line includes high pressure, high flow rate, cost effective valves. All rockets utilize high pressure fluid systems and finding reliable, cost effective valves for these systems is a constant challenge in the spaceflight world. Analysis of the current market trends in small satellite launchers and spacecraft reveals that the highest demand is for high pressure rated (3,000 psi), 2-way solenoids in the 1/4” - 3/8” AN fitting range for high pressure pneumatic systems. The other major area of demand is for larger high flow rate rated (3,000 psi) valves in the 3/4” - 1” range for turbo-pump spin start systems, propellant main valves, and other high pressure fluid systems applications. The dominant valve in the 1/4” AN fitting range costs ~$7,500 and a valve in the 3/4” range costs upwards of $24,000. The new Triton Space line of products, including the TS-40S, TS-60S, and TS-160S solenoid piloted poppet valves, provide superior performance at a significantly reduced price point.

The new Triton Space valves utilize a revolutionary zero leak miniature pilot solenoid valve developed exclusively for Triton Space Technologies by the Lee Company of Westbrook, CT. Through the use of these miniature pilot solenoids we are able to deliver a valve that is not only lighter weight and more compact than the industry standard valve, but is also higher flow rate and lower cost.

TS-160S Solenoid Piloted Poppet Valve

TS-160S Solenoid Piloted Poppet Valve

The TS-160S (patent pending) is the flag ship valve of the new Triton Space Technologies product line and with a 3,000 psi operating pressure, 1” male AN connections integrated into the valve and a liquid flow CV of 13, this valve outperforms the competition in all respects. With higher flow area, an in-line configuration as opposed to the more typical 90° port configuration and equivalent pressure rating to the industry standard equivalent, the TS-160S is, quite simply, one of the highest performance valves on the market today. With a starting price of only $8,995 and discounts of up to 49% for bulk orders, the TS-160S provides phenomenal performance at less than half the price of the industry standard competition.

TS-60S Solenoid Piloted Poppet Valve

TS-60S Solenoid Piloted Poppet Valve

The TS-40S and TS-60S utilize the same body with an internally piloted poppet driven by the same Lee pilot solenoid. Both valves also feature bolt on end connections allowing for easy installation and removal of the valve from orbital tube welded high pressure pneumatic systems, without the need to cut the tube and re-weld, as is required for valves using standard threaded female O-ring boss port connections. Additionally, because the fluid connections are bolted on, we can supply valves with nearly any desired end connection to fit whichever fitting style the customer prefers. Valves are sold by default with male AN connections, but are available with tube weld stubs, MS connections, Swagelok connections, and VCO fittings. With a starting price of only $5,995 and significant quantity discounts available, there is simply no other option on the market with this level of performance and price point.

TS-160Y Pyro Actuated Poppet Valve

TS-160Y Pyro Actuated Poppet Valve

We recognize that some applications in the emerging sounding rocket market need high flow rate valves like our TS-160S, but require only a single “open” valve actuation (as opposed to the many “open/close” cycles possible with the TS-160S). To serve this market, we have developed a lower-cost, single-use product, the TS-160Y. The TS-160Y has equivalent flow performance and pressure rating of the TS-160S, but is pyrotechnically actuated with the TS-LCI100 pyrotechnic initiator (see below) and opens in less than 100 milliseconds. Once fired the valve remains open until upstream pressure decays to zero, then the pyro cavity may be vented and the internal shuttle spool reset for another use. The TS-160Y (patent pending) may be reused many times, unlike most pyrotechnically actuated valves, which makes it ideal for low cost sounding rocket applications. With a starting price of only $4,399 and significant quantity discounts available, the TS-160Y provides a unique capability to the emerging low cost sounding rocket world.

TS-LCI100 Low Cost Initiator

TS-LCI100 Low Cost Initiator

The second new product line, low cost reliable pyrotechnic initiators, has its roots in the high power rocketry world, but is nonetheless a crucial element in all aerospace fields spanning from amateur rockets to sounding rockets and low cost launch vehicles. Triton Space’s new TS-LCI100 Low Cost Initiator is a pyrotechnic ignition device that is easy to use, electrically reliable and rated for high pressure applications. The aerospace industry standard for initiators is the NASA Standard Initiator, which is reliable and the “go to” initiation device for all high profile spaceflight missions. However, with a price tag of well over $1,000 per unit, they are impractical for amateur rocket applications and a tough sell even for emerging New Space companies working on a slim budget. While several companies have developed commercial grade initiators priced to the $200+ range, these are still too expensive for many high power rocket applications, including: solid rocket motors, explosive bolts, cable cutters, parachute ejection devices, parachute reefing systems and many more. To fill this gap, Triton Space Technologies today unveils the TS-LCI100 Low Cost Initiator. With a per part cost of only $29.99 and the same form factor as a NASA Standard Initiator, this device is a revolution in low cost, reliable, pressure rated, pyrotechnic initiation.

An added benefit of the TS-LCI100 is that it is sold to the customer as an inert electrical device. No hazardous shipping charges are required, and no ATF licenses are needed to purchase and transport these items. The customer purchases the TS-LCI100 as an inert object and then fills the pyrotechnic cavity with a pyrogen of their choosing immediately prior to use, thereby eliminating the logistical complications of current pyrotechnic devices which can make them unattractive to cost-conscious customers.

The LCI100 features the same MS3112E8-2P electrical interface as the NASA Standard Initiator and threads into the same AS5202-03 3/8-24 UNF O-ring boss port as a NASA Standard Initiator. With a single use burst pressure of 6,500 psi the TS-LCI100 provides a reliable method of igniting pyrotechnics through a pressure tight seal at a cost point that does not exist anywhere else on the market. We are delighted to bring the TS-LCI100 to market today; these items are available in 50-unit bulk flats (not for resale) directly from Triton Space Technologies, or in lower quantities through our exclusive distributor, AeroTech Consumer Aerospace and RCS Rocket Motor Components. RCS Web Page Aerotech will be releasing their own line of products specifically tailored to use this innovative new device in the near future, including head end ignition kits for experimental second stage solid rocket motors.

We believe these five new products from Triton Space Technologies will help revolutionize the low cost New Space market by providing phenomenal performance at prices less than half that of the current industry standard equivalents.

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