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Low Cost Initiator

The TS-LCI100 Low Cost Initiator is a revolution in pyrotechnic initiation for the consumer aerospace market.  Designed for high pressure leak tight use with the same electrical interface as a NASA Standard Initiator the TS-LCI100 brings a level of reliabilty at a price point unmatched on the market today.

LCI Instructions

With a per part cost of only $29.99 and the same form factor as a NASA Standard Initiator, the TS-LCI100 is a revolution in low cost, reliable, pressure rated, pyrotechnic initiation.  

The TS-LCI100 is unique in that it is sold to the customer as an inert electrical device.  No hazardous shipping charges are required, and no ATF licenses are needed to purchase and transport them.  The customer purchases the TS-LCI100 as an inert object and then fills the pyrotechnic cavity with a pyrogen of their choosing immediately prior to use, thereby eliminating the logistical complications of current pyrotechnic devices which can make them unattractive to cost-conscious customers.

The LCI100 features the same MS3112E8-2P electrical interface as the NASA Standard Initiator and threads into the same AS5202-03 3/8-24 UNF O-ring boss port as a NASA Standard Initiator. With a single use burst pressure of 6,500 psi the TS-LCI100 provides a reliable method of igniting pyrotechnics through a pressure tight seal at a cost point that does not exist anywhere else on the market.  Further, you can use the TS-LCI100 with confidence because we individually pressure test each initiator to 3,000 psi before they are packaged for sale either individually from our distributor, or in bulk, direct from Triton Space.  Follow links below for ordering options.

To order the TS-LCI100  in individually packaged units you can order them today from our exclusive distributor RCS Rocket Motor Components.

The TS-LCI100 is also available in bulk 50 unit flats (not for individual resale) directly from Triton Space Technologies and can be ordered in our Online Store