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Instant Quote Machining

Triton Space Technologies performs all of its own product development and manufacturing in house on state of the art CNC machines.  This allows us to significantly reduce the turn around time from design-to-production for your  project.

We offer immediate ROM (Rough Order of Magnitude) quoting via our proprietary instant quoting system (try it out below!). We specialize in rapid-turnaround, small production quantity prototyping; you can expect most jobs to be completed and shipped in 5 days or less!


Administrative Note: Instant Quote Estimator assumes part tolerances of +/-0.005" when computing job cost. We can do tighter tolerances but that will be reflected in the final quote we email you.  All jobs require a 50% down payment to buy materials and begin work, with the balance paid upon confirmation of delivery.

Instant Quote Job Example:

Our instant quote system works based on the simple, yet complex to implement, idea that all machining operations are essentially about material removal and material removal rates.  So if you know the size of the rough bar stock the job will start from and you know what percent of that material must be removed to complete the part then you can estimate how long it will take to do that material removal.  In reality many parts can be much more complex than that and we have created a growing database of job operations using multivariate statistical analysis and predictive modeling to improve the accuracy of our quotes. 

As an example, here is a simple deck cleat we manufactured for a local boat building company that used our instant quote service. See Figure 1 below:

Figure 1: A CUSTOM Two Piece Deck Cleat from Boat Building Customer

 To begin, they needed to estimate the raw stock required for their parts. For example the triangular base plate is encompassed by a box  6.5 Inches Wide, 6.0 Inches Deep, and 2.75 Inches Thick.  That box has a total volume (Length X Height X Width) of 107.25 cubic inches (10.5 lbs of Aluminum!).  The CAD Solid Model of the finished part has a total Volume of 12.65 Cubic Inches.  So The Finished Part is just 11.8% of the starting stock material (Part Volume/Block Volume, 12.65 /107.25 = 0.118 or 11.8%,) or 1.24 lbs of Aluminum, so we will need to machine away over 9 lbs of aluminum!   

The Customer then simply filled in our Instant Quote Estimator box below with the following Inputs: (Our notes on what these boxes are for are listed after the input in italics to help explain how it works.)

1.) Material - 6061-T6 Aluminum. - We restrict the material selections to materials we have on hand or can easily acquire and have previous experience with.  This helps to greatly simplify the quoting process by eliminating potential jobs with specialized materials we are not really setup for.

2.) Smallest Corner Radius - 2/16th (0.125 Inches) (The radius inside the teeth of the deck cleat part)  - This number helps us evaluate statistical data on how much of the job will likely require smaller diameter finishing end mills to do the smaller details.

3.) Billet Length - 6 1/2 Inches  - As with the material selection, we restrict the size of the billet possible with this drop down menu to eliminate jobs that are too big or too long for us to easily deliver.

4.) Billet Width - 6 Inches

5.) Billet Height - 2 3/4 Inches

6.) Finished Part Volume % of Billet - 12  - Our percent selector is rounded to the nearest whole percent.

7.) Number of Sides With Features - 1  -  This helps us evaluate statistical data on how complex the part is likely to be and how many setup operations there will be.  In this case, you can see that this part can all be machined in one setup from the top down.  So the customer correctly entered 1 side.  (If this part also had a through hole like the top cylindrical cleat part, they would have entered 2 since the part can only be made in two setups in the machine.)

8.) Number of Parts Ordered - 2

That's It! That's all the work they had to do to get an Instant Quote!  

The quoting system projected a per part cost of - $1,579.00 for a Rush Job and -$946.00 for Standard Lead Time.  After filling in their contact information and uploading the 3D Model files of the part they just had to finish by paying the $5 reservation fee to have us finish the quote and lock their place in line in our production queue.  

With all the required information we were able to start on the job quickly and were able to make a set of two of the parts shown in Figure 2 in only 3 Days!

Figure 2: FROM SOLID BLOCK TO Finished Parts For Boat Building Customer!

 After machining and inspection the parts were packaged and overnighted to the customer, who was able to use them before the end of the week!

NOTE: The quoted estimates will likely be higher than what you could find at a Job Shop specializing in bargain pricing. However, those prices come at the price of 6-8 week turnaround times.  If you order a part from us we guarantee we will begin work on your part immediately, with no production queue delay and we will deliver you an Aerospace quality end product. 

When considering the trade between pricing and lead time an important consideration is that most small sized businesses average a MINIMUM operating cost of about $500 A DAY, so that 8 WEEK Lead Time from a shop that quoted the job for only a few % over raw material cost actually would have cost our boat building customer $20,000 in LOST Opportunity Cost while they waited those 8 weeks for the part!  

Hopefully this example has been helpful in explaining how our Instant Quote system works and you are now excited to try it yourself and get your own part scheduled today!